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Baby sponge bath cushion



  • Made from safe Skin-friendly Material.
  • Baby bath sponge cushion has 3 directions adjustable buckle
  • Its a safe bath pillow.
  • It is easy to clean and care.


Baby bath sponge cushion is breathable Soft baby bathtub mat which is adjustable.It’s Skin friendly bathtub floating Pad.


  • It is made from safe Skin-friendly Material. Infant bath seat mat is made of soft skin-friendly material and back 3D mesh structure. Inside it is  stuffed with super quality EPS particles which are non-toxic substances and it’s the safest material for babies, please use it with confidence.
  • Baby bath sponge cushion has 3 directions adjustable buckle.Comes with a buckle safely fixed belt which you can firmly fix to any edge shape of the bathtub. It adjusts the shower pad height to keep balance and prevent your baby from slipping off and choking on water. Suitable for most normal bathtubs.
  • Good size. Bath Pad Width 28cm/11 inch, Length 43cm/16.9 inch,fit for baby ages 0 to 12 months.
  • Its a safe bath pillow. The head soft cushion will make sure it is comfortable for the baby to lean on it. It also prevents the baby head from hitting the edge of the bathtub and it’s easy and simple for mom to make bathing for baby.
  • It is easy to clean and care. Since it’s lightweight, breathable and quickly-drying mesh material. After use, you just rinse with water, wrings out the water, and dry in a cool place.
  • Use it in bathtub or basin, such as;BABY FOLDABLE BASIN,Baby Basin(big),Baby Basins(small) and Baby Bath and changing station etc

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