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  • Baby Bath net



    • This product has removable and washable mesh surface. Bath net fits baby’s skin, with hook and loop, easy to remove and wash, very convenient.
    • Its made in a hollow out Design. Baby bathing net is breathable and not stuffy, hug the baby firmly to prevent choking.
    • Good material. The bathtub is made of new PP+ high-quality mesh cloth, the material is good, and it is more assured.
    • It has a firm grip.The baby net plus the inverted U-shaped buckle can firmly grasp the edge of the bathtub, safe and comfortable.
    • It has a sponge like pillow.The bath tub net support adopts a soft sponge pillow to prevent the baby from rubbing and colliding with the bathtub when taking a bath.
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    Baby foldable basin key features

    • Double-Fold Collapsible Design.
    • Visible Real-time Temperature Monitoring
    • Adorable Design for All Ages
    • Made from premium Safe Material
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  • Washclothes


    100%  Cotton -Wash cloth set-pack of 8,Flannel Face cloths,Highly Absobent and soft feel fingertip Towels

    8 pcs washclothes

    towel like cloth used when bathing babies.

    8 pcs washclothes,soft and gentle for washing babies during bath

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