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Baby foldable basin key features

  • Double-Fold Collapsible Design.
  • Visible Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Adorable Design for All Ages
  • Made from premium Safe Material

Baby foldable basin is easy and comfortable to use. Its also quick to fold and easy to carry. Our baby foldable basin has adjustable depth as baby grows.

Foldable basin key features;

  • Double-Fold Collapsible Design:Collapsible baby bathtub features an ingenious double-fold design, compactly measuring less than 4 inches in thickness. This will  facilitate effortless storage in any corner. Also enhances portability for on-the-go convenience, making it a perfect companion both at home and during travel. The off-the-floor drain with a user-friendly rubber plug guarantees seamless draining without the need for relocation.
  • Visible Real-time Temperature Monitoring: The travel-friendly baby bathtub is equipped with a real-time temperature sensor. Offering instant reminders to prevent scalding or exposure to cold water. The wrap-around temperature lock system ensures accurate monitoring. It’s a versatile choice for use in bathrooms, homes, during travel, or camping.
  • Adorable Design for All Ages: Designed in a charming bear shape, our baby shower tub adds a delightful touch to bath time, creating a cherished experience for your little one. The foldable design is tailored to accompany your baby from newborn to toddler (0-36 months) under adult supervision, ensuring a pleasant and safe bathing journey.
  • Premium Safe Material: Crafted from high-quality material, our infant bath tub prioritizes safety, durability, and peace of mind. Odorless and bite-resistant, this bathtub ensures no harm to your baby. The stable four-corner support design at the bottom enhances structural stability, minimizing the risk of rollovers.

Apart from baby foldable basin we stock other types of baby wash basins such as;

  1. Baby basin(small)Baby Basins(small)
  2. Baby basin(big)Big Basins

Here a little article about baby bathing;

We discuss when to give your baby a bath, ways you can wash your little one and tips to help keep them safe at bath time.

You won’t need to bath your baby in the early days because you will probably be giving them a top and tail wash. But when you do start to bath your newborn baby, it can be a lovely experience although it may feel stressful at first. Some babies take to baths well and others don’t seem to like them.

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