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Momeasy Manual Breastpump


Key Features:

  • 100% Food Grade BPA-Free Approved- This ensures your milk stays natural and safe for your baby.
  • Comfortable to Use- It is made of ultra-soft silicone that will keep you feeling comfortable while pumping milk.
  • Noise Free- This protects your privacy and also ensures your baby has a quiet feeding time as there are no noisy motor sounds as is the case for electric pumps.
  • Easy to Assemble- It is made up of a few parts that are easily assembled.
  • Clean and Sterilize easily- Clean the pump and lid with water. Sterilize in boiling water for 3-5min.
  • Portable- Made of a soft ultra-lightweight design weighing about 0.3kg which makes it perfect for travelling.

Momeasy Manual Breastpump

Momeasy Manual Breastpump,Ultra-soft with lightweight design easy-to-use, BPA-free manual massage breast pump that is gentle and comfortable as it uses natural suction pressure.
This advanced and approved manual breast pump works perfectly for all breastfeeding mothers. It is safe to use thus doesn’t have any health side effects or future related problems.
When you are comfortable and relaxed your milk will flow easily. This manual breast pump is the very option for mothers looking for comfort, flexibility and efficiency when expressing their breast milk.

Product Details

  • It can pump more milk in a shorter period of time than other manual pumps.
  • It adopts safe and environmentally friendly material, does not produce any harmful substances, resistant, easy to clean.
  • Anti-countercurrent patent design: the milk is isolated from the outside air to prevent secondary pollution of milk.
  • It is convenient to carry and store.
  • This pump can remove just as much milk as an electric breast pump.
  • It can be easily operated and is more comfortable compared to the other brands.

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