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5 pc Diaper bag


5 pcs Diaper bag Contains:

1 large bag,1 small bag ,1 changing pad ,1 bottle bag and 1 lunch box bag

Easy to wash off with water

These bags are designed  for specialized deficiency mothers, toys, feeders, napkins and diapers.There is a place for everything in this bag, including compartments and extra removable pouches, ideal for messy clothes. There is ample space for travel-sized wipes, diapers, creams, bottles, toys and a change of clothes.we also have other types of diaper bags such as diaper bag with ribbon,

You’re a mom—but you’re a cool mom. And you want to carry a diaper bag, but you don’t want it to look like a diaper bag. Buy this diaper bag and you wont lose your style. Though you may be far away from the days you can leave the house without taking everything with you, at least with this gorgeous bag, you won’t feel like you lost your chic style.

Crafted from neoprene with cool, chunky zippers, at first sight, this bag looks very trendy. And it has storage galore. There are pockets for everything a baby needs, including wipes, bottles, lovies, diapers, snacks, toys, you name it. There’s also an exterior phone pocket, an adult-sized removable bottle sleep, a side pocket for a laptop or tablet, and interior pouches for wallets, nursing supplies, and whatever else you need to take on the go.

It’s very roomy on the inside and sits flat for stability. It comes with a fold-out changing pad, a bag for dirty clothes, and a small neoprene pouch. To put it to the test, we packed it up and took it out for a day on the town. Even after sliding my phone down in the little dedicated phone pocket, we still had plenty of room to pack more.

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