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  • Cot bumper


    Cot bumper pad maintains baby’s safety in the crib.

    Protects the baby’s head against knock by crib sides, and prevents the arms and legs being clamped in between the crib spaces.

    Fits standard baby cots (2*4 feet).

    Colourful prints that capture baby’s attention.

    • 2 sausage pillows
    • 1 head pillow
    • 1 fitted matress sheet
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  • Mackintosh




    • Washable – This mackintosh can easily be washed at home.
    • Spillage proof – It has a water-resistant base that won’t allow any spillage.
    • Soft sheet – It has a soft sheet that ensures that your baby is comfortable.
    • Lightweight – It is very light and easily portable.
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